Overwatch League experiences Sombra-esque tech error

It was either Sombra or another Cyberpunk 2077 announcement...

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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During week four of the Overwatch League, the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles encountered a couple of technical issues inside the venue. While it wasn’t the blue-screen-of-death that’s feared by all, it did keep a couple of screens offline for a few minutes.

The Seoul Dynasty were playing against the Washington Justice when the issues started. Inside the venue, one of the main display screens went down. Instead of displaying what it usually should, the Windows reboot message came up. The error was on the screen for roughly half a minute before being replaced by the standard Overwatch logo.

The technical issues were caused by a power surge, according to a Reddit user who works with the screen management system in the arena. They explained in a Reddit post that a “power surge knocked out the servers and a couple players cams. The pros here got it all back up and running before the start of the next match.”

Typically in a situation like this, viperware said a backup server would be used. But the backup server was shut down as well due to the surge, forcing them to rely on the logo in its place while the servers were restored.

The technical issue had no effect on the game as Seoul Dynasty went on to beat the Washington Justice 3-1. Additionally, the livestream of the game wasn’t impacted by the technical problems. While some might jokingly speculate if Blizzard was hinting at a new champion, it seems like it was only an issue with the server.