24 November 2017 - 15:48

Blizzard needs your help in figuring out Overwatch's lag spikes

Blizzard is working to fix the problem.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have been complaining about lag spikes in-game—but the developer is working on fixing the problem.

The problems originated from the Moira patch, according to players posting in the Overwatch forum. "But since the Moira patch went live, I've been suffering constant ping spikes in every game," a user wrote. "Every five seconds or so, my ping spikes up to around 400 to 500 for apparently no reason."

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The forum posts complaining about ping continued for page after page. That one user is not alone.

Over the past week, Blizzard confirmed it was working on the issue. An Overwatch support forum agent posted to the forum thread to ask for help.

"We've been investigating your reports of lag spikes in the game, but so far haven't been able to reproduce the issue internally," the forum agent said. "We are seeing situations where the issue affects one player but not another in the same instance making this difficult to pin down. To help us track down the root cause, we are asking everyone to try a few things and then get us some additional system/connection information."

Players with issues are asked to run a scan and repair tool, then running the system is selective startup mode. The full instructions are listed on the Overwatch forum. Players who want to help are asked to send along the information, plus screenshots, to Blizzard.

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