Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition gets a retail launch next week

Loot boxes for everyone!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition got a digital release at the game’s one year anniversary in May—but it will now get a physical edition for retail stores.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t picked up Overwatch yet—more than 30 million people play the game—Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition will hit retail shelves on July 28. Good timing, too. It’s just one day after Doomfist is released on all platforms.

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The main game is exactly the same across Overwatch’s different editions, but the Game of the Year version adds a few extra goodies. Players who purchase Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition will get 10 Overwatch loot boxes and a few Overwatch Origins skins. Those include Blackwatch Reyes, Strike-Commander Morrison, Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Pharah, and Slipstream Tracer.

The GOTY edition comes with goodies for other Blizzard games as well. For Diablo 3, players get Mercy wings. A baby Winston pet is available for World of Warcraft players, while StarCraft 2 folks get in-game portraits. In Hearthstone, you’ll get an Overwatch-themed card back.

Celebrating Overwatch’s one year birthday, Blizzard launched the Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition alongside the Overwatch Anniversary event—adding a new event and a whole bunch of skins to the game. Past events won’t be available regardless of what edition you buy, but you will, of course, have access to everything upcoming.

Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition is available across all platforms. The digital edition costs $60, but Blizzard did not list a price for the retail version.

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