Overwatch Game Director Confirms Improved Spectator Mode In The Works

A current lack of spectator tools might be holding Overwatch esports back, and director Jeff Kaplan is aware of it.

While Overwatch is still a baby in the esportsworld, it has obviously caught the eyes of many. Viewership isdecent enough and the game has developed aconsistent following in the first two months since release,but there are a few things holding it back from becoming the nextgreat esport. Arguably, the biggest issue right now is thespectator experience.

The current spectator tools are scant, and it leads to muchconfusion when watching tournament play. Game director Jeff Kaplanis aware of it, however, as he addressed the issue on a Q&Alivestream hosted by Twitch streamer“Fairlight_Excalibur.” 

“We want to work on more spectator mode features, inparticular for esports. And when we do more for esports we want toadd a spectator mode that has a lot of statistics for the match sothat broadcasters and observers can surface more to the viewers andI think make a really great experience for viewing esports orcompetitive Overwatch.” – Overwatch game director JeffKaplan

Right now, one of the biggest issues with Overwatch is that itis hard to follow what is going on at any given time during thematch. If broadcasters and play-by-play announcers had better toolsat their disposal, it could only help out the game in the longrun. 

The addition of a scoreboard would be a fantastic first step, asright now it is difficult to keep up with who is doing well orpoorly on each team. Statistics and numbers are important in anyspectator sport, and esports are no different. The changes broughtup by Kaplan would be welcomed by all who enjoy the game and enjoywatching it played competitively.

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