Here’s how you can play Overwatch for free next weekend

Blizzard is holding an Overwatch Free Weekend from Nov. 18–21.

Image via Blizzard

Haven’t tried out Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch yet? Your time is approaching.

Starting Friday, Nov. 18 until Monday, Nov. 21, Blizzard is opening up the full roster of heroes?—?all 22 of them currently available on the regular server?—?and 13 maps for free across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Quick play, custom games, and the weekly brawl will all be available. Training modes, including the tutorial, practice range, and practice vs. AI feature, are playable, too. Free weekend players will be able to unlock levels (and loot boxes!) as well.

Those who earn a lot of levels and loot during the free weekend will keep all progress they make—if they bought the game using the same, Xbox Live, or Sony Entertainment account. Player statistics will also be retained, but trophies and achievements will be disabled for the free weekend.

Overwatch’s new character, Sombra, and new arcade game modes are currently only available in Blizzard’s public test realm on PC. Unless Blizzard releases those into the full game before Nov. 18, they won’t be accessible to free weekend players.

Image via Blizzard

The free weekend event will go live at 1 pm CST on Nov. 18. Over on the Blizzard website, the developer has listed the start times across the globe, as well as instructions for accessing the Overwatch on specific platforms.