Overwatch fans can unlock Legendary Dr. Ziegler skin with Mercy Recall Challenge

"Did someone call a doctor?"

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Your Guardian Angel has arrived. In celebration of Mercy’s new short story, Blizzard Entertainment is hosting Overwatch’s new limited-time event, Mercy Recall Challenge. The event is live across all platforms and fans can now begin earning exclusive rewards for winning games.

From now until Dec. 2, Overwatch fans can unlock Mercy-themed rewards by winning games in the quick play, competitive, and arcade queues. For every three wins, players will earn the following rewards:

  • Three wins: Dr. Ziegler player icon
  • Six wins: Lab Coat and Evaluation sprays
  • Nine wins: Legendary Dr. Ziegler Mercy skin

Similarly, fans can unlock additional sprays by watching participating Overwatch streamers on Twitch. Players will need to link their accounts through the Connections tab found under Account Settings. Once the two accounts are linked, fans will be able to earn up to six additional sprays by tuning into the streamers’ broadcasts at scheduled times.

The following sprays can be earned by watching Twitch streams:

  • Two hours watched: On the Clock spray
  • Four hours watched: Healing Touch and Hanan sprays
  • Six hours watched: Suit Fitting, Late Night, and Ascent sprays

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Blizzard released a short story for Mercy yesterday titled “Valkyrie.” The story is narrated from Mercy’s perspective while she works at a medical camp in Cairo, Egypt. The Overwatch developer teased the new Legendary skin, in which Mercy is dressed in a long white coat with a stethoscope hung around her neck.