Overwatch fan studio makes incredible animated short featuring Sombra

It took the team around five months to craft.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Fans of Overwatch can be incredibly creative, and two enthusiasts under the name of PJ Rascals have crafted an impressive cinematic starring Sombra that could easily be mistaken for official.

Busan Blackout showcases the EMP capabilities of Sombra as she takes out the entire power grid surrounding the city of Busan. According to the caption shared to social media, the premise of the short showcases what would happen if Hero’s abilities took effect on the nearby environment.

Fans may recognize the city of Busan from the map of the same name in-game, although in this clip it is brightly lit up at night. Being D.Va’s home city, this comes across clearly with the chosen colors and visuals used.

D.Va is showcased on a massive billboard, which begins to shut down, turning from D.Va’s bunny symbol into Sombra’s hacked skull.

It’s clear the effort that the duo put into this creation. As explained on Reddit, it took them about five months to complete the work. This is their first creation as a studio and looks to be the start of a future in Overwatch cinematics.

If you want to keep up with the studio’s work and future Overwatch content to come, you can follow them on Twitter here.