Overwatch fans are preparing for a potential Summer Games event with beach-themed fan art

We'd love to see these fan-created skins in Overwatch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Summer’s here. Overwatch hero Tracer is already geared up in her swimwear in Heroes of the Storm—and fans are expecting a celebration of summer in Overwatch, too.

Blizzard brought out Overwatch’s Summer Games event last summer, coinciding it with the real-life Olympic Games. The summer Olympics won’t be back for a few more years, but we’re hoping it’s not the same for Overwatch’s Summer Games event.

Fans have already begun thinking about how Overwatch’s heroes might get ready for summer. Maybe Sombra and Widowmaker have paired up for a doubles volleyball league. Mei and D.Va could be lounging poolside. Mercy might have a side-hustle as a lifeguard. Perhaps Symmetra’s constructing sandcastles on the beach.

Here are our favorite pieces of summer-inspired Overwatch fan art.

Tracer is the only Overwatch hero we’ve seen strip down to her swimsuit for the summer, geared up with water guns, too. Here’s to hoping that Overwatch’s potential Summer Games event includes a pool party.