Overwatch Developer Update: Year in Review

Game director Jeff Kaplan reflects on 2016 and teases what's to come in 2017 for Overwatch.

In the ninth developer update video since Overwatch released this past May, today game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about the game’s successes in 2016, and what they hope to add on and improve upon in the coming year.

 Some points of focus in the video were as follows:

  • The new map, Oasis, is on track for release in early 2017.
  • Esports spectator modes are still in development, including an overhead map. They have gotten “tremendous feedback” from pro tournaments, broadcasters and spectators.
  • Sombra changes are “slow” to prevent an over-buff situation like Ana’s.
  • More seasonal events like Summer Games, Halloween Horror, Winter Wonderland in the works.
  • Customization coming to Communication wheel to allow multiple emotes, voice lines and Sprays.
  • A button similar to “Stay as Group” is coming to ‘strongly encourage’ teammates to join Team Chat.
  • Multiple new Heroes” are in the works. Many prototypes, some won’t ever see the light of day. One Hero is “very promising.”
  • New maps also in development. One has a “pretty good level of confidence” at Blizzard, others are experimental with new game modes.
  • A custom games-finding Server Browser is in the works.


Check out the full video above to see everything that Kaplan had to say about Overwatch and its future.

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