Contenders slots shuffle around as teams drop out of Overwatch

Contenders Pacific and Contenders Korea are going to be shaken up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With a number of teams dropping out of Overwatch, that’s left some spots Blizzard’s upcoming Contenders tournaments in flux.

South Korean Overwatch team Lunatic-Hai announced their disbandment this week, citing the uncertaint future of Overwatch in South Korea. Korean Overwatch team Element Mystic has purchased the Contenders Korea slot, according to a post on their official Facebook page.

Talon Esports, a Taiwan and Hong Kong–based organization that dropped out of Overwatch in July, announced this week that it would take over Pacific-based team Ardeont’s slot. Unlike Lunatic-Hai, though, Ardeont isn’t dropping out of Overwatch. Instead, the team is heading back to South Korea, where its players are from. Talon Esports will re-build a roster to participate in the Contenders Pacific tournament.

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Blizzard has yet to confirm which teams will participate in the worldwide Contenders tournaments, though it did release a list last year of teams that had qualified. A number of teams on that list have since disbanded, so it’s likely we’re to see a lot more shuffling before Contenders begins, across all regions.

Talon Esports’ former roster hasn’t made much of a name for itself in Overwatch, with their only real achievement being a fourth place finish at the Overwatch Pacific Championship season two promotion tournament. And that’s not much of an achievement, as they finished outside of the qualification spots.

Element Mystic has seen more success, with a first place win at Overwatch Apex Challengers season five and a third place finish at Nexus Cup 2017.