South Korean Overwatch team Lunatic-Hai disbands

The organization is unsure about Overwatch's future in Korea.

Image via Lunatic-Hai

Lunatic-Hai’s most prolific Overwatch team is no more.

The South Korean Overwatch organization announced its departure from Overwatch on the team’s official website, citing “radical changes” in Overwatch and beyond that make the organization’s investment unstable. Lunatic-Hai will not participate in Overwatch Team Story or Overwatch Contenders.

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All player contracts have been terminated with hopes that the players can find new teams with relative ease. “At this moment, we have no future plans to create another esports team after disbanding Lunatic-Hai, and we plan to stay focused on current business,” Lunatic-Hai coach Kim Tae-Su said in a statement.

Lunatic-Hai, as an organization, has a storied past in competitive Overwatch, with two OGN Overwatch Apex championships to its name. The team that won those awards has since moved on to the Overwatch League and is known now as Seoul Dynasty.

With the new roster, Lunatic-Hai’s only tournament result is a fourth place win at the Nexus Cup 2017 finals, where the team fell to Element Mystic in the lower bracket.

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