Overwatch Contenders player accused of sexually assaulting a minor

Meta Skyfoxes is handling the situation "internally."

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

A player for Overwatch Contenders North America team Meta Skyfoxes has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. Newly-signed off-tank player Yoon “Fr3e” Tae-in allegedly molested the minor in her sleep. Meta Skyfoxes says that it’s handling the situation “internally.”

Twitter user pwk_ow, a resident of South Korea, posted a thread of tweets at 4am CT detailing the alleged assault. This included a screengrab of a Facebook conversation between herself and Fr3e. A community member posted translations early this morning, urging Meta Skyfoxes to take action.

“I still clearly remember what you did to me,” the accuser said, according to translations. “You took my clothes off while I was sleeping and touched me. I didn’t want to ruin your career so I kept quiet.”

Pwk_ow continues, naming Fr3e outright. “You’re great at acting like nothing’s happened for a sexual assaulter,” Pwk_ow said. “Yes, I am talking at Fr3e, formerly of Kongdoo Uncia, Se7en, and GC Busan Wave.”

The accuser then posted a screengrab of a Facebook conversation between herself and the player. In the message, she says “I showed up because you promised not to touch me, and then you touched me in my sleep.” Fr3e then responds with “sorry.”

In South Korea, an adult is considered anyone over 19 years of age. The accuser has clarified that she’s a minor under these laws.

Meta Skyfoxes released a statement nearly five hours after the original tweets were posted, saying that it’s aware of the situation and the organization is handling it internally. This news comes one day after the team announced its roster for Overwatch Contenders 2019 season two. The team participates in the North American East region, which is set to begin their season on June 19.

Update June 14, 5:33pm CT: Meta Skyfoxes has parted ways with Fr3e, stating that they do “not and will never condone any form of sexual harassment or sexual assault.” The team stated they “take all allegations of this nature very seriously and apologize to our fans and the Overwatch community.”