123 has found a replacement for Russian Overwatch player denied a U.S. visa ahead of Overwatch Contenders

David "nomy" Ramirez will play tank for 123 this weekend.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

European Overwatch team 123 has found a replacement for Denis “Tonic” Rulyov, a Russian Overwatch played denied a United States visa ahead of Overwatch Contenders.

After traveling to Ukraine for a visa interview, the player was denied a visa to travel to the United States for the Overwatch tournament held in California. An important member of 123, Tonic has been with the team since its inception, and was an integral part of their success.

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But the team finally found a replacement, according to Overwatch website Over.gg. NRG Esports’ San Francisco Overwatch League tank David “nomy” Ramirez will step in to fill the open spot. Nomy spent much of his Overwatch career with North American Overwatch team Immortals.

Nomy and support player Athen “Aythen” Zhu were dropped from the roster in June, however, to make room for two new South Korean players. He continued to play Overwatch with smaller, unsigned teams before he was signed to NRG Esports’ Overwatch League team in late September. Nomy will only play with 123 for the duration of Overwatch Contenders.

123 will play Team Gigantti on Oct. 7 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. Practice with Nomy will be limited as players are currently traveling to the event from across the globe.