Overwatch’s competitive voice chat reportedly bugged

No, it’s not just your teammates refusing to join chat.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s competitive mode is often stressful enough, but a new bug that emerged on Sept. 26 has made the mode far more enervating.

Around 7pm CT, reports of voice chat being bugged in competitive (or ranked) mode began coming in from users on social media and on the official Blizzard forums. Per a Blizzard employee response, the team is “looking into it” and will update as the night goes on. 

The bug makes it look like no one on the competitive team has joined the voice team chat, leaving only the current player in the voice channel. Each player will also appear muted in their own team chat menu, regardless of if their mic is actually working. 

Screencap via Overwatch

Having only one player join the voice chat is a pretty common occurrence at some levels of competitive mode. Most players noticed the bug when attempting to join the chat after multiple games in a row, however.

Occurrences of the bug seem to focus on the competitive mode, based on reports from forum users and anecdotes from players. Other modes, such as quick play and custom games, appear to be fine for some users and not for others

Technical support forum agent Jambrix, associated with Blizzard, updated that the company is “looking into it” at approximately 8:02pm CT. This situation is ongoing.

Update 8:36pm CT Sept. 26: According to Jambrix, Overwatch engineers have “identified the issue” and will be working on a solution to get voice chat working once more.

Update 3:00pm CT Sept. 28: Voice chat has been restored according to Jambrix on the Blizzard Forums.