Overwatch competitive season 15 starts this Thursday

With offseason downtime removed, players can immediately jump into placements.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Get ready for some mid-week Overwatch grind: This season’s competitive play ends Thursday, and competitive point rewards will be handed out immediately after. Additionally, new changes to offseason breaks may encourage players to dive right back into the action.

According to a forum post by the game’s community manager, season 14 will officially end on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 6pm CT. If players have completed their placements by this time, they’re eligible to receive a spray, player icon, and a competitive point reward that scales with their rank.

The real change is the amount of downtime between season 14 and 15: None. Season 15 of competitive Overwatch will start immediately after season 14 ends, on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 6:01pm CT. This is a big change that Blizzard has been trying out and scaling up for the past few seasons. The downtime between competitive seasons used to be a few days—the offseason between seasons 13 and 14 was two hours. The elimination of downtime may be a way to encourage players to keep up the competitive grind.

At the end of season 14, competitive points will be distributed based on rank. For example, Bronze players can expect 65 competitive points (CP), while Grandmaster players will earn 1750 CP. To put that in perspective, a rare gold weapon is 3000 CP—if you’re Grandmaster, you’re halfway to another one. If a player is in the top 500 ranking in their platform and region, they receive a bonus player icon and animated spray. Rewards and scales for season 15 have yet to be revealed, but you can start earning match-based competitive points on Feb. 28.