Overwatch Christmas Event

This article delves into the newly released "Winter Wonderland" event on Overwatch.

Seasons greetings; with Christmas just around the corner, Blizzard released the “Winter Wonderland” event for Overwatch earlier today. This update came with 12 new Christmas themed skins and over 100 new cosmetic trimmings, which include sprays, emotes, highlight intros, victory poses and profile icons. 

Here is a showcase of all the new skins from this awesome event. 

The event also introduced a new arcade game mode, appropriately called “Mei’s Snowball Offensive,” which puts 12 players on two teams, all as Mei. Players all have a single powerful snowball loaded into her blaster, the balls are a one shot, one kill and can only be reloaded by snow piles on the ground.

Here is the official description of this game mode:

“Face off in a series of six-on-six fights at Ecopoint: Antarctica. Every player uses Mei who is equipped with a powerful snowball blaster. This weapon has one shot, but can be reloaded at snow piles.”

Make sure to grab yourself all of the latest skins to look fresh for the festive season.

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