New skins, emotes, and voice lines teased for Overwatch Anniversary event

It's a celebration.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is following through on its promise to provide more information about the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event, releasing three different teasers of new goodies for the game.

After showing off three new maps that are part of the event next week, Blizzard also teased some new skins, emotes, and voice lines across separate regional Overwatch social accounts.

The first is from the game’s Taiwanese Facebook page, revealing four new skins. They belong to Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76, and Zarya. Odds are these won’t be the only skins added to the event, but they look cool as a teaser for what’s to come.

The second tease comes from Overwatch’s Latin American Facebook page, revealing some of the heroes showing off a couple sweet dance moves. Check out Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta making it hot and nasty.

Finally, from Overwatch’s english Twitter account, comes a bunch of new voice lines. We’re huge fans of the new dialogue from Soldier: 76 (“I’m not your father”) and Symmetra (“Setting up the the car wash”), as both of them are pure fan service.

All of the new loot will be made available during Overwatch Anniversary, which is set to last from May 23 to June 12. During that time, the game will also have a free-to-play weekend from May 26 to 29.