It could take a lot of loot boxes to earn all of Overwatch Anniversary’s new skins and emotes

Folks on Reddit discovered it would take nearly 50,000 credits to purchase all items.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s anniversary event spans a few weeks, but it might not be enough time to earn all of the event’s items—unless you’ve got a massive amount of points already racked up.

Out of 108 Anniversary event items packed into Overwatch’s loot boxes, 11 of the items are legendary skins, which is a lot more legendary items than we usually get in a single event. To buy all the Anniversary items, it’ll cost 56,475 credits, according to folks who’ve tallied up the numbers on Reddit.

The legendary skins alone, priced at 3,000 credits each, cost 33,000 credits—nearly just as much as all items in the Winter Wonderland Overwatch event. The skins make up 58.4 percent of the total cost of all Anniversary items, with all 24 dance emotes costing 18,000 credits. Add in the 48 voice lines for 3,6000 and 25 sprays at 1,875 and you’ve got the total cost.

Loot box drop rates are only available for players in China, and it’s unclear at this time whether the released numbers apply to loot boxes worldwide. At least in China, every 13.5 loot boxes contains a legendary item. With the event only running until June 12, it’s unlikely that players will get all the items without playing nonstop or spending a ton of money on loot boxes.

Overwatch players can’t buy credits themselves—just loot boxes. Currency is available in loot boxes as drops or as earned from duplicate items. Players can also earn loot boxes from leveling up, though it’s a much more time consuming option, especially if everything is to be earned.

The new Anniversary items are incredible, so we’re certain plenty of players will be doing everything in their powers to amass loot boxes.

H/T Reddit