Overwatch 2’s mid-season patch, Mei’s return delayed indefinitely

There's a distinct lack of ice in the game right now.

Mei looks on in horror.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard Entertainment has delayed the game’s mid-season patch indefinitely, the company announced today.

In a forum post written this afternoon by Blizzard community manager Craig and shared on the Blizzard customer support Twitter account, the company revealed that the patch is delayed pending the resolution of a “critical issue.” Everything that was going to be released alongside the patch, including balance updates, the return of Mei to all modes, and Overwatch League postseason incentives and perks from Oct. 30 to Nov. 4, has been delayed as well. No date was given as to when the patch is expected to release, and Craig did not give additional details about the “critical issue.”

In addition to the patch’s delay, the cosmetics currently available in the Overwatch League shop will remain there until the patch is released, which will restart the rotation. The rotation for standard cosmetics in the in-game shop will not be affected, nor will the rotation of daily and weekly challenges. Mei will remain unavailable in all modes of play and invisible in the hero gallery until the patch is released.

Craig revealed that the company will release the patch “as soon as possible” and that further updates will be posted on the same forum post and on social media as they become available. That didn’t stop players from expressing their discontent at the late patch. Many fans are hoping that this patch will include nerfs for powerful heroes like Sojourn and Zarya, and having to wait longer for these changes will likely sour some players’ opinions of the game.