Overwatch 2 player finds hilarious Lúcio Push bug

Lucio is supposed to skate, not fly.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch 2 beta participant ran into a silly bug while trying out the game’s new Push mode.

Redbird Esports coach Eric Perez, also known as Wheats, discovered the bug and shared a clip on Twitter. In the video, Perez’s team is pushing the robot on the new map Colosseo. After taking out an enemy as Lúcio, Perez attempts to wallride on the Push robot. Instead of skating across the structure, as Lúcio usually would, he’s instantly flung a great distance backward. Perez ends up falling off the map because of the bug and has to respawn.

While Dot Esports was unable to replicate the bug, a few Twitter commenters chimed in to say that the same thing happened to them. “Just got solo ulted by push bot,” said another, joking about the power of the NPC robot that pushes the barrier that players must defend. Still, others tagged prominent Lúcio players in the Overwatch community, urging them to try it out and see if there are any tricks to be had with the interaction. While Blizzard has yet to respond to the video, it’s likely that this is an unintended bug in the beta.

Push is a new Overwatch mode that’s available in the closed beta and will be available in the final game. Players must work as a team to accompany a robot from the middle of the map toward the enemy’s spawn to gain points. The team that pushes the robot the farthest within a set period of time wins.