Overwatch 2 fans beg Blizzard to bring classic Sombra design back—but not for her

Just bring it back and take our money.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In development, characters and their designs are often reworked several times before a design is finalized. Because of these changes, the final playable character may look different from the original concept design.

However, when an original concept design looks phenomenal and resembles another character, it’s easy to picture it as its own skin, which is what happened when one Overwatch player stumbled across the original Sombra on Twitter on April 20.

Sombra originally featured chunky shoes, a jagged hairstyle, and an oversized jacket with Asian-inspired designs.

While she now has more of a cyberpunk appearance, what’s surprising players most is just how much Sombra’s concept actually resembles Kiriko—and OW2 players are so enamored by it that they’re demanding Blizzard change her back.

Overwatch players love Sombra’s original design, so much so they took up a rallying cry for it to return in an April 20 Reddit thread. Many are claiming they’d be willing to spend their hard-earned money to buy this as a skin for Kirko if it were ever released. But, the chances of this design returning as a skin for another hero are very slim.

The sad truth is Kiriko’s base design isn’t cutting it with players, as they believe she has the weakest design in the game.

This is why fans think Sombra’s original design would have better suited Kiriko, as it suits her personality and abilities more. And it would have made her look a little more like a cool and threatening support, which Overwatch lacks.

Even though this skin may never come to pass, it’s not stopping players from begging Blizzard to bring back the classic Sombra design to give Kiriko the edge she needs.

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