Overwatch 2 dev details survivability buffs coming to new hero Mauga ahead of season 8 launch

They're already looking to make him better.

Mauga firing both of his guns at the same time.
Screengrab via Dot Esports

Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller posted his first blog post since BlizzCon, and following the unveiling of the game’s upcoming new tank hero Mauga, the team has already decided to make some adjustments before his release in December.

Considering the weekend-long free trial for the hero to be a success, Keller pointed out a number of changes the team will make to Mauga when he’s officially added to the game at the beginning of season eight next month following feedback from fans.

“The goal will be to increase his survivability, make his damage against smaller targets a little more reliable, and reduce his damage output vs large characters, like tanks,” Keller said.

While he didn’t provide specific figures, Keller listed off five bullet points for changes that will improve Mauga’s survivability. Among the potential changes to look out for come season eight are replacing some health with armor, reducing his head’s hitbox, increasing the damage reduction during his Overrun, and upping the lifesteal from Cardiac Overdrive. Keller also promised “quite a few changes” for his weapons.

“We’re testing different spreads and firing rates when using both guns simultaneously, as well as different damage, ammo, and falloff numbers,” he said. “We’ll have more details on those as they solidify.”

Blizzard introduced Mauga during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon earlier this month in what was perhaps one of their worst kept secrets, and the developers gave players everywhere the entire weekend to try the hero out in all the game’s modes except for competitive. Mauga will be officially released on Dec. 5 when season eight begins, and he will likely be unlocked in competitive about two weeks after, as is typical for new heroes.


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