Overwatch 2 datamine finds traces of a potential clubs/guilds system

A missing puzzle piece.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A guild system has been on the wishlist of many Overwatch players for the new iteration of the franchise, and a recent datamine found out that Overwatch 2 could be making its debut with a “Clubs” feature.

Though forming gaming communities has become easier over the years with the likes of Discord stepping into the scene, the in-game system’s ease of use outclasses the competition.

The codes shown in the tweet above highlight lines of errors that include the word Club. It looks like players will have the option to join Clubs or subscribe to them. There aren’t any official details regarding the Club system and it’ll be interesting to see how the developers decide to utilize a guild system in Overwatch 2.

Considering the importance of competitive gameplay in Overwatch, a fully-fledged guild system can allow players to engage more with the game in the long run. Guild challenges, tournaments, or even events can be on the horizon for Overwatch players, which has been a lacking feature for the game. There have been third-party alternatives that stepped in when it comes to organizing tournaments, but an in-house system could also help the most casual Overwatch players and allow them to get a taste of competitive Overwatch.