OGN Overwatch Apex season four will begin this week

Sixteen teams will compete for the championship title come Aug. 11.

Despite only concluding its third season in late July, OGN Overwatch Apex will return for its fourth season on Aug. 11.

OGN released the tournament schedule for the first month of Overwatch Apex, where sixteen South Korean teams will face off for the championship title. Everyone’s looking to dethrone Lunatic-Hai, Overwatch Apex two-time champions, this year.

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No international teams will participate in season four of Overwatch Apex. Instead, OGN invited five Overwatch teams from the Challengers league.

LuxuryWatch Red, GC Busan, NC Foxes, ROX Orcas, and Meta Bellum will compete alongside Lunatic-Hai, KongDoo Panthera, Afreeca Freecs Blue, LuxuryWatch Blue, X6-Gaming, Meta Athena, CONBOX, RunAway, MVP Space, KongDoo Uncia, and Flash Lux.

KongDoo Panthera will take on KongDoo Uncia to kick off season four on Aug. 11 at 6am ET. Immediately following, GC Busan will compete against LW Red. RunAway vs. Meta Athena follows on Aug. 14, followed by X6-Gaming vs. Meta Bellum on the same day.

The full schedule is available on the OGN Global website. The first group stage will continue until eight teams remain. Those eight remaining teams will be split into two groups for the second group stage, where they’ll be whittled down to four for the Overwatch Apex playoffs.