New Overwatch Map Revealed: Eichenwalde

The Assault/Escort hybrid map takes place in a German castle and is coming soon.

At Gamescom today, Blizzard revealed the firstnew post-launch map coming to Overwatch, titled”Eichenwalde.” It is a hybrid Assault/Escort maplike King’s Row and Numbani, where the first point must be capturedbefore escorting a payload to the final point. 



The esports implications for this map are big, because King’sRow is quite a popular pick in competitive play and the hopes arethat this map will be as well. The payload on this map appears tobe a battering ram that, once captured, is used to break down thedoor to a massive castle where a suit of armor awaits, sitting in athrone at the end. Check out the video and let us know what youthink.

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Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment