New Overwatch map Junkertown revealed at gamescom

The new escort map is playable at gamescom.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Château Guillard is not the only new Overwatch map we’re getting this month.

Blizzard has revealed a new Overwatch escort map, Junkertown, during Germany’s gamescom 2017. A dataminer found hints of Junkertown in the game’s depths last week, sparking speculation that a new map was likely—but now, it’s confirmed.

Both Australian baddies Junkrat and Roadhog hail from Junkertown, which is located in central Australia. The area was blown to bits when an omnium factory exploded, turning the outback into an irradiated wasteland. Those that survived—the “junkers”—live there, with Junkrat and Roadhog among them.

After Junkrat and Roadhog got kicked out of Junkertown for double-crossing the queen, they devised an explosive plan to get back in. The payload being pushed is a truck-load of gold and jewels, but there’s a catch: Junkrat and Roadhog have planted explosives underneath. Once it gets close enough to the queen of Junkertown—the end spot of the map—it’ll explode.

Blizzard will go more in-depth on the map and its new cinematic short, as gamescom continues.

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