New Overwatch bug boosts the damage of Torbjörn’s turret

What a nightmare.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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There’s a new problematic bug on Overwatch’s live servers that turns Torbjörn’s turret into a horrific murder machine—and it’s amazing to watch.

Basically, the bug will damage boost Torbjörn if he’s being damage boosted as well. This includes Mercy’s damage boost, Ana’s Nano Boost, and Orisa’s Supercharger.

A Twitch streamer named Darwin captured the nightmarish turret in action, recording it killing a full health Roadhog in about 4.2 seconds as Torbjörn was boosted by all three of the aforementioned abilities.

The turret can still be taken out pretty quickly, but this can be exploited rather easily by a well-coordinated team. It’s unclear how the bug came about, but the above video was only posted this morning, so it still seems new.

Obviously, this is a problem and not an intended change, so Blizzard will need to be quick on the trigger to fix this before Torbjörn and his baby run rampant in the ranked playlist.

For now, beware of any team that lines up with Torbjörn, Mercy, Ana, and Orisa because they might have a specific plan in mind.