Overwatch sniper Hanzo suits up for the Archives event

Blizzard gave fans a preview of the new skin.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard gave Overwatch fans casual Hanzo in December. Now it’s handing us formal wear Hanzo.

The Overwatch developer revealed Hanzo’s new skin, Scion Hanzo. The skin will become available on April 10 with the Overwatch Archives event. Blizzard put Hanzo in spiffy a pinstripe suit—changing his traditional archer’s look to a badass, modern businessman.

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All of the details make Overwatch’s new Hanzo skin special. From the watch on his wrist to the asymmetrical sleeves and slicked back hair, Scion Hanzo is a futuristic take on the Japanese sniper. The name of the skin—Scion Hanzo—is a play on Hanzo’s family tree; a scion is a descendant of a prominent family. And that’s the definition of the Shimada clan: a crime family with a wealth of resources in all sorts of illegal activities.

Scion Hanzo is the second Overwatch skin Blizzard has revealed in the lead-up to the Overwatch Archives event and the Overwatch Retribution brawl. Yesterday, Blizzard unveiled Moira’s sweet new Blackwatch skin. Overwatch fans can also expect a new Reaper skin when the event goes live on April 10, alongside a whole bunch of other cosmetics.

Players will be able to unlock all of the new goodies until Overwatch Archives ends on April 30.