MLG Vegas: Overwatch Day Two Recap

Lots of close matches and some refreshingly surprising hero selections highlighted the second day of competition in Vegas.

Day two of the MLG Vegas North American Overwatch Invitational saw lots of close games and some hero variety for a change, as nearly half of all team compositions on day one was made of four tanks, according to Overwatch statistician @WinstonsLab.

Day two had more of the same, but with some more variety with flashes of Genji, McCree, Mei, Symettra, Torbjorn, Pharah and even a little bit of Sombra. But mostly, the games were comprised of Reinhardt shield wars with Roadhogs trying to fish for hooks while Zarya and D.Va combined Ultimates.

Group A

Team EnVyUs vs. compLexity Gaming (Postponed match from Friday night)

  • coL wins King’s Row
  • nV wins Nepal
  • nV wins Dorado

EnVyUs defeats compLexity 2-1

Group B Losers

NRG Esports vs. Team Liquid

  • NRG wins King’s Row
  • Liquid wins Nepal
  • NRG wins Dorado

NRG defeats Liquid 2-1. Liquid is eliminated

Group A Losers

compLexity Gaming vs. Rise Nation

  • coL wins Hollywood
  • coL wins Ilios

compLexity defeats Rise 2-0. Rise is eliminated

Group B Winners Bracket

Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan

  • Cloud9 wins King’s Row
  • FaZe wins Nepal
  • FaZe wins Dorado

FaZe defeats Cloud9 2-1

Group A Winners Bracket

Team EnVyUs vs. FNATIC

  • 0-0 DRAW on Hollywood
  • nV wins Ilios
  • nV wins Numbani

EnVyUs defeats FNATIC 2-0-1

Group B Decider Match

Cloud9 vs. NRG Esports

  • Cloud9 wins Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Cloud9 wins Nepal

Cloud9 defeats NRG 2-0. C9 advances to semi-finals, NRG is eliminated

Group A Decider Match

compLexity Gaming vs. FNATIC

  • coL wins Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • FNATIC wins Nepal
  • FNATIC wins Route 66

FNATIC defeats CompLexity 2-1. FNATIC advances to semi-finals, coL is eliminated

EnVyUs is looking great going into Sunday, as they have seemed to be the most willing to play heroes that go against the current meta, such as INTERNETHULK on Symmetra or HarryHook on Reaper.

Hulk’s Symmetra was huge when using her brand new Shield Generator Ultimate ability, adding 75 HP to each player. It was very refreshing to see in this current era of Tank-dominated gameplay. It might have given some ideas to the rest of the venue, because more teams began to stretch the hero pool as the day went on, inspiring hope for a more exciting meta.

compLexity surprised many with their usage of Sombra by TorkTJO. Overwatch’s newest hero has yet to find her niche in the meta, but her EMP Ultimate ability was shown to be a strong tool in the battle of Reinhardt shields to initiate team fights as the night wore on. FNATIC’s Hafficool shined on Pharah as well.

After day two, just four teams remain.

Championship Sunday

Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs

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