Mag leaves Washington Justice, finds new home with Boston Uprising

The Justice's loss is the Uprising's gain.

Image via Washington Justice

After reports that the Washington Justice were trying to sell its players after a loss of trust in the Overwatch League, the Justice has transferred the rights to Kim “Mag” Tae-sung to the Boston Uprising.

Mag is the first player who has seemingly been offloaded from the Justice since both teams have announced that he’s departed from the Justice and will go forward with his career with the Uprising. The Boston-based team tweeted a welcoming message to Mag earlier today.

“It is with great excitement that we welcome Mag to the Boston Uprising,” Vytis “Mineral” Lasaitis, the Uprising’s GM said. “Seizing the opportunity to add a young, talented and motivated individual such as Mag to our roster is emblematic of a renewed commitment to putting a product on the field that our fans can be proud of today and for years to come.”

Mag started his professional career with the Justice after the 2020 season when he was brought on during the offseason. He played main tank in the 2021 season and was kept on after the 2022 season’s change to Overwatch 2.

Now, Mag will serve as the third tank on the Uprising’s roster. Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist and Kim “ITSAL” Chang-hee are the other two tanks on the roster currently.

In his debut season, Mag was in the discussion for Rookie of the Year for his part in the Justice’s decent season and impressive postseason run. Although the Justice were ousted by the Dallas Fuel in the 2021 playoffs, the team made a last-minute dash to the bracket during the play-in stage of playoffs, defeating the Houston Outlaws 3-2. They ended the 2021 season in sixth place, right in the middle of the West region’s rankings.

Currently, the Uprising are 5-9 for the 2022 season and haven’t made a tournament playoff yet, so Uprising fans are hoping that this new addition will help their team advance to the Summer Showdown tournament next month.


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