LW Blue drop out of OGN Overwatch Apex season four, reportedly to join Overwatch League

OGN released an official statement on Monday.

Screengrab via OGN Global

LW Blue have dropped out of OGN Overwatch Apex season four ahead of their Aug. 23 match against X6-Gaming.

OGN announced the team’s departure on Aug. 21. The South Korean esports team reportedly gave minimal notice regarding their exit from the tournament, therefore, the remaining teams in LW Blue’s group—Group D—will receive one point for the forfeited matches. X6-Gaming, CONBOX Spirit, and Meta Bellum will compete without a fourth team in Group D.

LW Blue will likely face monetary penalties for their late exit from the prestigious South Korean tournament, according to OGN’s statement, translated by Inven. Reasons for their exit were not explicitly mentioned.

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South Korean news website FOMOS reported that LW Blue’s players will participate in Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League, scheduled to begin later this year. On Monday, two-time Overwatch Apex champions Lunatic-Hai were confirmed as KSV Esports’ Seoul-based Overwatch League team, which means that LW Blue will relocate overseas—if the report is correct.

It’s unclear at this time why LW Blue decided to withdraw from the South Korean tournament, as it ends before Overwatch League is scheduled to begin. Overwatch Apex is frequently played on older patches, however, which makes the tournament’s meta different than the meta-at-large. LW Blue may have wanted to avoid being behind on a meta shift.

More information regarding the LW Blue situation will likely be released soon.