Pro Overwatch player involved in fan scandal returns to Lunatic-Hai

Lunatic-Hai is back to an eight-man roster.

Screengrab via OGN Global

The former Lunatic-Hai Overwatch player accused of inappropriate fan relations will return to the team for OGN Overwatch Apex season four.

Lee “Leetaejun” Tae-jun was confirmed as part of Lunatic-Hai’s eight-man roster when OGN released team rosters last week. This is his first time back on a competitive Overwatch team since his retirement in February.

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He and fellow Lunatic-Hai player Geum “Dean” Dong-geun were suspended from the team’s active roster in late January for developing relationships with multiple Lunatic-Hai fans online. As South Korea’s most popular Overwatch team, Lunatic-Hai player are under increased scrutiny—and their notoriety creates a problematic power dynamic in fan relationships.

Both Dean and Leetaejun admitted fault and apologized, retiring from Overwatch in February. Leetaejun continued streaming on Twitch, becoming one of the most popular Overwatch players on the streaming site.

Meanwhile, Lunatic-Hai saw success without its two dropped players, winning back-to-back championships in Overwatch Apex seasons two and three. Season four is ongoing, though Lunatic-Hai has yet to have its first match. That is scheduled for Aug. 18 against MVP Space.