14 November 2017 - 15:32

Lunatic-Hai announces its new Overwatch roster

The new roster will debut during OGN Overwatch Apex season five.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lunatic-Hai has a new Overwatch roster.

The former Lunatic-Hai players have moved on to the Overwatch League as Seoul Dynasty, leaving the secondary roster, Lunatic-Hai 2, in its place. After a bit of restructuring, the organization has announced the final roster.

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  • Lee "Whoru" Seung Joon (DPS)
  • Kim "DoHyeon" Do-hyeon (Flex)
  • Joon-hwan "Guardian" Cho (Tank)
  • Kim "Alarm" Kyeong-bo (Support)
  • Jeong "Nenne" Yeon-Kwan (DPS)
  • Bon "Sowhat" Woo-hyun (Tank)
  • Park "IDK" Ho-Jin (Support)
  • Kim "YARG" Gwan-woo (Flex)

The new players hail from teams like LuxuryWatch Red, Afreeca Freecs, and Rhinos Gaming Titan. The only remaining original Lunatic-Hai player is Whoru, one of the best DPS players in the world, who is unable to participate in Overwatch League due to age restrictions.

OGN, the Overwatch Apex organizers, have not yet announced a schedule for the tournament's fifth season.

Lunatic-Hai 2, now simply Lunatic-Hai, has already qualified for the fifth season through the Challengers tournament, where they placed third. During Challengers season five, Element Mystic placed first, with Seven placing second. Bon's Spirit Gaming, which placed fourth, will also move on to Overwatch Apex season five.

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