Luminosity Gaming picks up a second Overwatch team

The Hammers Esports Overwatch team will now play as LG Evil.

Images via Blizzard Entertainment and Luminosity Gaming | Remix by William Copus

North American esports org Luminosity Gaming has picked up the top team in the Overwatch Carbon Series: the roster formerly known as Hammers Esports.

Yep, that means Luminosity Gaming now fields the top performing Overwatch team and one of the worst performing team in the series. Jake Lyon, Rasheeq “train” Rahman, Matthew “Voll” Wallace, Matthew “super” DeLisi, Robert “rob420” Garcia, and Connor “Avast” Prince will now be known as LG Evil. The original LG lineup—currently sitting at 1-4 in the Carbon Overwatch Series group stage—will be known as LG Loyal.

“What most impresses me about the team is their unwavering loyalty and belief in one another,” LG CEO Steve Maida said in a statement. “I think this specifically can be accredited to their success.”

That success includes a first-place finish in January’s Alienware Overwatch Monthly Melee and their impressive dominance in the Overwatch Carbon Series. Just last night, LG Evil took down Overwatch Winter Premiere champions Immortals to continue their 5-0 win streak in the series. LG Evil will see compLexity Gaming tonight as the Overwatch Carbon Series group stage moves forward.

“I’m really humbled and excited to be working alongside an organization with as much reach and commitment as Luminosity Gaming,” Jake said in a statement. “The opportunity to build a dynasty together does not come along so often.”

LG is now one of the first North America Overwatch organizations to operate with two teams, joining the likes of South Korean organizations Afreeca Freecs and Luxury Watch. It’s unclear how LG intends to proceed in the future with two Overwatch teams, though “in the interim” it seems they will keep both rosters active.