Console Lúcioball players can now play with their lower level friends

The small console patch is important to a lot of players.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lúcioball players across all consoles can now play with their friends regardless of their competitive Overwatch level.

Blizzard made note of a bug last week that kept players with dramatically different competitive Overwatch rankings from playing Lúcioball together. There’s a 1,000 SR limit that keeps players from queuing together in competitive Overwatch, and it was a mistake to apply that number to Lúcioball, Blizzard said.

A hotfix went live almost immediately for PC players, but console players had to wait for approval from Microsoft and Sony. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players should have received the new patch with the Lúcioball fix last night.

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The 1,000 SR limit does still exist for players queuing for competitive Lúcioball, however, but it’s only in regards to the mode itself. Once a player has completed their Copa Lúcioball placement matches, however, their Lúcioball SR will prevent them from playing with those with a dramatically different SR in the mode itself. Traditional competitive Overwatch SR doesn’t matter, and never will for Lúcioball.

Alongside the Lúcioball changes, Blizzard fixed a few key bugs. Reinhardt’s Charge ability no longer pushes characters through walls, and Sombra’s Translocator no longer lets her reach unintended locations on Temple of Anubus. Likewise, a bug that prevented all players from seeing the Doomfist Meteor Strike area-of-effect circle has been fixed, according to the patch notes.

Overwatch’s Summer Games will run through Aug. 28, so players still have a ton of time to test our their Lúcioball skills.