Los Angeles Gladiators temporarily renamed as a meme

The Los Angeles BigGeese will take the stage against the Dallas Fuel.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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In the middle of a contentious stage, sometimes Overwatch League teams need to have a little fun. The Los Angeles Gladiators have gathered their flock for a temporary brand change in honor of their favorite main support, Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni.

BigGoose has played main support for the Los Angeles Gladiators since the team was established in 2017. The former Team Gigantti player and member of Team Finland has garnered attention for his big plays and even bigger hair. Gladiators fans routinely spam Twitch chat with “the goose is loose” when BigGoose comes on stage or sends multiple enemy players flying off a ledge as Lúcio. These days, he’s demanding even more respect.

Earlier this week, the Gladiators’ Twitter account released another “episode” of a behind-the-scenes look at their team office. This time around, viewers were invited into a branding meeting where BigGoose showed off merchandise samples.

When the office isn’t impressed by his first two meme shirt options, the goose unveils his final offering. He suggests a complete brand change to the Los Angeles BigGeese, effective immediately. Fellow Los Angeles support Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara gives him a thumbs up in the corner.

For their part, the Los Angeles Gladiators’ social media team has fully committed to the bit. They’ve changed their Twitter profile picture and header to depict the BigGeese. Their Twitter description now reads “#BeaksUP” instead of the usual Gladiators hashtag, “#ShieldsUP.” They even produced a full roster image with the rest of the team depicted as geese.

While some may say this is a lot of effort for a joke, it’s a good way to bring some joy into a stressful stage. The Gladiators are fighting for a top six finish in the league standings, which will automatically qualify them for the season playoffs. Numerous other teams are at the do-or-die point of their season, where even one loss will dash their dreams of playoff contention. Maybe we need some birds to lighten the place up.

The Los Angeles Gladiators, playing as the Los Angeles BigGeese, will take on the Dallas Fuel on Aug. 9 at 7:45pm CT.