The best moments from Jeff Kaplan’s 10-hour yule log stream

The stream was filled with all the glorious Jeff moments we could handle.

Screengrab via Twitch

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan had a very eventful Christmas Eve, as he streamed for 10 hours in front of a crackling yule log.

Yes, it was 10 hours long. Though much of the stream was just Kaplan sitting in a chair pondering life and Overwatch, there were a few great moments that captured the internet’s collective heart. At one point, the stream amassed more than 40,000 viewers on Twitch.

We understand that not all Overwatch fans are able to watch Kaplan celebrate Christmas for 10 hours straight, so we’ve collected the best moments from the stream. Our festive thanks go out to the dedicated Twitch viewers who clipped these beautiful, beautiful moments. And, boy, are there some truly great moments, all kicked off by Kaplan getting booped by a boom mic. His glasses get knocked off, but Kaplan takes the bop in stride.

Jeff gets hit by a boom mic

Jeff opens a present

Jeff plays Hearthstone on his phone

Jeff uses magic to start the fire

Jeff eats a cookie

Jeff trolls us all

Kaplan ends the 10-hour stream with some serious trolling. At over nine hours in, Kaplan speaks once again to thank Overwatch fans for sticking it out for the stream. He goes on to announce the next Overwatch hero—and the stream glitches out. Whoops!

Happy holidays, Overwatch fans.