Kanezaka revealed as the next Overwatch map

It's time to explore the area surrounding Hanamura.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch world is getting a little bigger today. A new free-for-all map, Kanezaka, is now available for testing on the PTR.

The official Overwatch Twitter posted a teaser featuring the new Japanese map and its abundance of features, including traditional-style buildings, a strange nightclub, and even a cat café complete with cat toys and furniture—but missing the cats. 

Keen-eyed players might notice that the city is located right beside Hanamura, another Japanese map featured in other game modes and the home of the heroes Hanzo and Genji. Players will finally be able to venture into the town surrounding the infamous Control map and learn more about a futuristic Japan that we’ve only begun to experience through the stories of the distant brothers.

Kanezaka captures the essence of a futuristic yet traditional Japan that had already been established by Hanamura and brings with it details that connect it to the Overwatch universe, such as various signs featuring pachimaris and the ever-so-breakable vending machines. At the same time, its focus on a more compact atmosphere separates it from Hanamura’s arcade, shopping districts, and scenic temples and courtyard.

Similar to maps like Petra and Chateau Guillard, Kanezaka will only be available for play in free-for-all game modes in the Arcade, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The map will also likely rotate into Competitive Deathmatch following its release.

Kanezaka is now available for testing on the PTR and will likely hit the live servers at the beginning of next year. Players can also enjoy the current Winter Wonderland 2020 event, which will last until Jan. 5.

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