July 28 Overwatch patch disabled, pushed back

The developer team encountered issues, so we'll have to wait for those Genji nerfs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Were you expecting Genji nerfs in your competitive mode games tonight? You may have to wait a little longer.

A live Overwatch server patch was uploaded at 1pm CT today, but the developers encountered problems with it. The live patch was deactivated at around 2:20pm CT.

John Nash, community manager for Overwatch, announced on the Blizzard forums that the patch would be deactivated immediately. The patch included Genji nerfs and a small bug fix to doors on Route 66 and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. “Hit a little snag after release,” Nash said in a forum reply. “Team is taking a look now.”

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment Forums

No specific reason has been given for the patch deactivation. The removal may be due to a new visual bug that revolves around Brigitte’s Repair Pack ability, however. As shown by streamer Fitzyhere, the Repair Pack seems to visually break every “hold mouse click” ability in the game. The abilities still work, but the user experiences a serious bug.

This would apply to most scoping mechanisms, which are critically important in Overwatch. These include Ana’s scope and the zoom function on Widowmaker and Ashe’s guns. D.Va’s Defense Matrix and Reinhardt’s shield would also be affected.

No specific time or date was given for the July 28 patch to be reactivated. “These changes are still intended to reach the Retail environment soon, but are no longer active at the current time,” Nash said.