Immortals Picks Up Overwatch Roster

Their current team is made up of a mix of former ohno and WEUNITED players, but the roster is not yet final.

Known for their Counter-Strike and League of Legends teams, has now entered the Overwatch scene. The EU team is composed of a mix of players from the former rosters of ohno and WEUNITED

After the team won their Overwatch Open quarterfinals matchup 2-0 against Anox this afternoon, the organization announced on Facebook that the roster is not final and an official announcement would be made at a later date.

The team that played today was made up of Eric “TwoEasy” van Hoorn, Jared “z0mbs” Gitlin, George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha and Viktors “Forsak3n” Bernevs of WEUNITED, and Russel “FCTFCTN” Campbell and Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty of ohno

The team played well in their match today, but as of now, the roster is not final. However, the fact that another major esports organization has entered the fray is a good sign of growth for the competitive Overwatch community.

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