Agilities slices his way to an Immortals victory in Overwatch Contenders NA

The top six North American Overwatch Contenders teams will move on to Season One.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Immortals did not take it easy on any team in the North American Overwatch Contenders playoffs.

Each and every Immortals match-up had one thing in common—the other team stood no chance against Immortals Genji player Brady “Agilities” Girardi. Immortals saw unsigned Overwatch team Kungarna in the semifinals. Despite Kungarna winning 3-1 against LG Evil in the quarterfinals, they got annihilated against Immortals.

Push after push got shut down by Immortals. Everything Kungarna tried, Immortals had an answer.

Map three brought Immortals and Kungarna to Hanamura—after two decisive Immortals wins on Lijiang Tower and Route 66—where Kungarna managed to secure the first point. Positioning in the tight corridors alongside Hanamura’s second point, Immortals set up for an aggressive ambush to shut out Kungarna. With a Dragon Blade ready, Agilities lurked just out of view. As Kungarna looked to secure the high ground, Agilities triggered his ultimate, and subsequently, a blood bath.

One, two, three, four—each swipe of the blade racked up another kill for Agilities.

Of course, Agilities couldn’t do this work alone. His success is a product of his team’s communication. In the grand final series against Team Liquid, Immortals was successful in identifying Team Liquid’s plans and then shutting them down. Nowhere was this more apparent than on the last map of the series, Oasis. Immortals was able to recognize the times where Team Liquid pushed too far, allowing them to unleash Agilities for the counter-dive.

Often times, Immortals had no need to use their ultimates—they stayed patient—and won team fights just with pure mechanical skill. Saving up their ultimates for the moments where they really needed them, Immortals popped everything at once for a flashy finish in the Overwatch Contenders finals.

The win earned Immortals $25,000, while Team Liquid took home a respectable $10,000. Unsighed teams FNRGFE and Kungarna placed third and fourth, respectively. FaZe Clan ended up fifth, with Detroit Renegades in sixth. All top six teams—plus Rogue and Team EnVyUs—will participate in Overwatch Contenders Season One when in begins in August.