Immortals add former Rhinos Gaming Wings player to Overwatch roster

Two benched players have been dropped to make room for Immortals' new blood.

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Rhinos Gaming Wings player Lee “envy” Kang-jae will join Immortals’ Overwatch roster as the team readies for Overwatch Contenders.

It was announced earlier today that the South Korean Rhinos Gaming Wings roster, which rose from OGN’s Challengers league to Overwatch Apex, had disbanded entirely, with all players entering free agency. In joining Immortals, envy will be reunited with his former Rhinos Gaming Wings coach Dong Wook “Ookz” Kim on Immortals.

Immortals have decided to drop its benched support player Athen “Aythen” Zhu and tank player David “nomy” Ramirez to make room for the new signing.

Two more South Korean players, former Mighty AOD support Young Seo “KariV” Bak and main tank Pan Seung “Fate” Koo, also joined the team in early June.

“As Immortals’ Overwatch team manager, I’m looking forward to what envy brings to the table,” Immortals general manager Joshua Kim said in a statement. “He’s a hungry player looking to constantly improve his skillset and will add depth to our squad and enable us to prepare for the future. He’s a talented player that has got a fire burning in his heart that will in turn light a fire under the other players.”

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Overwatch teams have been trending toward rosters with seven players as a safeguard to ever-changing meta trends. If a team isn’t flexible in regard to hero pool, it’s almost necessary to bring in an alternative player with a specific strength for when the meta inevitably changes.

Envy will face his first tournament as an Immortals player when Overwatch Contenders’ North American group stage begins June 18. Immortals will face off against Yikes!, Tempo Storm, and FNRGFE in Group C.

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