How to get the Skeleton Genji skin in Overwatch

Do tricks to get your treats.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror is in full swing, and as has been the case in past events, dedicated players can fill out their cosmetic inventory just from playing the game.

The three-week-long event comes with three weekly challenges and a black and glowing orange Epic Skeleton skin for Genji is up for grabs first.

The skin is a remix of what looks like a relatively normal-looking black Genji skin and takes it to another level with bright, neon orange spray paint. Additionally, Genji’s swords and shurikens are the same bright color.

To top it all off, spray-painted plus signs sit where the Genji skeleton’s eyes would be so that support players are always aware that their Genji player needs healing anytime he turns to look at them.

Starting today through next Tuesday, Oct. 19, players can unlock a Skeleton Genji-themed player icon, spray, and ultimately skin.

Every nine games you play, you’ll unlock a new cosmetic, meaning you’ll get the Skeleton Genji skin after completing 27 games played.

You can get credit toward played games by doing quick play, competitive play, or even arcade modes, but you only have until Oct. 19.

After Oct. 19, the weekly challenge will move to a new trio of cosmetics, including an Epic Einherjar Zarya skin. During the final week of the Halloween Terror event, players will be able to play to earn an Epic Clown Roadhog skin.