How to get Soldier: 76’s Auspicious skin during Overwatch’s Lunar New Year

Eye of the tiger.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s the second week of Overwatch’s 2022 Lunar New Year event and that means there’s a new weekly challenge for players to complete that unlocks a slew of Soldier: 76-themed cosmetics.

The weekly challenge begins today and can be completed until next Tuesday, Feb. 8. The exact time that the challenge ends depends on what region you’re in.

Soldier: 76’s new Epic-quality Auspicious skin has a metallic blue base color for his pants and top. Meanwhile, a matching metallic red is present throughout. His utility belt and accessories are all a combination of that same metallic red and a shiny gold.

Players can win the skin just by playing 27 games of any Overwatch game mode. That includes quick play, competitive play, and arcade modes. As a bonus, any game that you win counts as two games.

To go along with the skin, players get other goodies as they progress. After nine games, players get an Auspicious player icon. And after 18 games, players receive a Soldier: 76 spray called Practicing Forms.

On Feb. 8, a new challenge will start giving players an opportunity to earn Wrecking Ball’s Epic Porcelain skin. That will serve as the final weekly challenge of the 2022 Lunar New Year event.