How to get Mercy’s Seolbim skin in Overwatch

The Legendary skin will cost you a pretty penny.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year is set to begin tomorrow and there are a plethora of cosmetics players can look forward to getting their hands on as soon as the limited-time event goes live.

Among the skins that the game’s official Twitter account has already teased is a Legendary one for Mercy called Seolbim

The word refers to traditional Korean garb, and as you might expect, the skin is essentially just a version of the angelic support hero wearing the type of clothing. The skin is primarily white and pastel blue-green with pink as an accent color.

Mercy’s white shoes have accent colors that match the pastel blue-green and pink in her dress. Additionally, her hair is kept up with white and pastel colored decorative hairpieces.

Players won’t be able to get this skin until tomorrow, but once the event starts, they’ll have until Feb. 15 to try to nab the Legendary cosmetic. 

As is the case with most Legendary cosmetics, Mercy’s Seolbim skin will only be obtainable through loot boxes or in-game currency. To get the skin through a loot box, you’ll need to obtain the special Lunar New Year loot boxes. Those can be obtained by playing during the event.

Purchasing the skin with in-game currency will likely require 3,000 credits. That is the typical cost for a new Legendary event skin. If you don’t have the credits to purchase it this year and aren’t lucky enough to unlock it through a loot box, the skin will likely be available again next year during the Lunar New Year event at a reduced cost.