How to get Cassidy’s Sandstorm skin in Overwatch

The storm is coming.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s favorite gunslinging outlaw has a new name, and with a new name comes a new skin for players to earn during the limited-time New Blood Challenge.

From now until Nov. 23, players can earn an Epic quality “Sandstorm” skin for Cassidy that will camouflage you in style on sandy maps like Temple of Anubis. 

The light gray outfit features accents of a dulled-down dark green and a sand-colored hat to match.

Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge is similar to most in-game challenge events, only requiring players to play games to earn credit toward a few rewards.

After playing nine games, players earn the Sandstorm player icon. Nine games after that, players get the “Old Friends” spray, which features Cassidy and Ana sitting at a small table over drinks.

By playing 27 games in total, players can earn the Sandstorm skin for Cassidy.

Quick play, Competitive, and Arcade modes all earn players credit toward these rewards and wins count as two games. So the more you win, the faster you’ll get your Sandstorm skin.

The event lasts two weeks, so you should be able to get all its cosmetics by playing about two games a day for the duration of the event or simply winning one game every day.