How much does the battle pass cost in Overwatch 2?

It's one battle pass, what could it cost? Ten dollars?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When Overwatch 2 officially releases on Oct. 4, 2022, it will release as a free-to-play title for millions of players to pick up. Naturally, with the transition to free-to-play comes the implementation of seasonal battle passes; tracks of rewards that provide numerous cosmetics to players who put in the hours.

The battle pass system will ultimately replace the loot box system that’s been a staple of Overwatch since the original game’s release. Like seasonal battle passes in other popular multiplayer titles, there will be a free rewards path and a premium path. Each battle pass season will last approximately nine weeks, according to the developers.

So, what’s it going to cost you? We’ll calculate the cost for you.

How much does the Overwatch 2 battle pass cost?

According to the listings for the Watchpoint Pack you purchase pre-release, each premium seasonal battle pass will cost exactly 1,000 points of Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency, which we’ll shorten to O2VC. The listing doesn’t explicitly outline the exchange rate between dollars and O2VC, but based on the cost of seasonal passes in other multiplayer titles, you can expect it to be around $10 to 15 per 1,000 O2VC, or per seasonal battle pass.

Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack contents. Image grabbed from Blizzard.

The previously-mentioned Watchpoint Pack, which costs $40, automatically gives owners the premium battle pass for season one. Additionally, it also provides gives the purchaser 2,000 O2VC, which is good enough for the season two and season three battle pass if you don’t spend the currency on anything else.

  • If each season costs $15, then buying the Watchpoint Pack will actually save you $5 on premium battle passes plus reward you the other Pack content like beta access, the Space Raider Soldier 76, Space Raider Cassidy Legendary skins, and the exclusive icon as a bonus.
  • If each season costs $10, then you’ll have to decide for yourself if all the previously mentioned Watchpoint Pack bonuses are worth an extra $10.

Season one of Overwatch 2 will release on Oct. 4, the game’s official launch day. Season two will begin officially on Dec. 6, and if seasons keep to nine weeks as the devs promised, then season three will start on Feb. 7.