Houston Outlaws drops 2 players from active roster

One player was released last week, but two others have been reshuffled around the OpTic Gaming organization.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Two more Houston Outlaws players have been released from their player duties. Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson and Matt “Clockwork” Dias will stay with the Overwatch League organization, but in different roles.

Mendokusaii will stay with Houston as a “content creator,” while Clockwork will continue working with the team in a staff position. Both expanded on the decisions on Twitter.

“Not much to say about this move,” Mendokusaii wrote. “I’m happy I can stay in Outlaws and work on my mental health in this position. I’ve been very happy recently doing this and I’m glad I can keep doing this for the future, too.”

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As for Clockwork, he said in a TwitLonger post that he’s spent most of season one “reviewing VODs and watching scrims to help the team.” With his experience as a retired Overwatch League player, he’ll be able to assist Houston’s players in ways that the coaches and other staff aren’t able to, he said. Clockwork also noted that his retirement may not be permanent. “If you liked watching me compete and you want to see more, this may not be the end of my competitive gaming career,” he added.

The team announced over the weekend that Russell “FCTFCTN” Campbell was released from the OpTic Gaming-owned Overwatch League team.

Houston Outlaws general manager Matt “flame” Rodriguez  posted on Twitter that the Overwatch League team will have no more freed up slots, meaning no more players will be released into free agency. He said there “may” be more announcements, suggesting that Houston is looking to finalize some trades.

The Overwatch League’s player signing window is ongoing, despite no current start date for the Overwatch League’s second season.


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