Hong Kong’s Overwatch World Cup team hasn’t decided if it will attend the event after Blitzchung controversy

The team's next steps are unclear.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Hong Kong’s Overwatch World Cup team is “discussing future plans” in regards to attending the competition following Blizzard’s ban of Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai. 

The backlash surrounding Blizzard’s ban of Blitzchung continues to grow. Fans are deleting their accounts, Blizzard employees have staged a walkout, and commentators have cut ties with the company, Hong Kong’s Overwatch World Cup team, the Fire Dragons, now must decide whether they’ll attend the event. The team raised enough money to go but they haven’t decided if they will. 

The Fire Dragons’ general manager said on Twitter that the team is aware of the issues with Blizzard and Blitzchung and they asked for patience and time to make a decision about attending the tournament.

The Hong Kong team’s hesitation is understandable. The backlash has been severe and Blizzard has given no indication it will change its stance. Fans have bombarded Reddit with protest and #boycottblizzard posts. Longtime users are quoting Blitzchung when deleting their accounts. Others have burned copies of their games and canceled subscriptions. Twitter exploded with vocal opposition to the company, outright discouraging purchases of games and subscriptions.

Team Hong Kong are at the center of the battle more than angry fans, so it’s possible that they may refuse to be a part of Blizzard’s events until the company responds or rectifies the matter. 

The Overwatch World Cup takes place at BlizzCon on Nov. 1 and 2.