Helsinki Reds rebuild Overwatch team

The organization dropped half its roster in early August.

Photo via Helsinki Reds

In early August there were three, but now there are six.

Helsinki Reds have acquired three new Overwatch players, bringing the organization back up to a full roster. The remaining original players—Jani “Exceed” Kosonen, Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen, and Kaapo “Kryma” Laine—will merge with former Alfa Squad players Veikka “Talisman” Laine, Matias “Lalli” Kivimäki, and Aleksi “Akke” Kivimäki.

“The rest of the year will be pivotal for us,” Helsinki Reds Overwatch manager Christer Ksurinen said in a statement. “When the Overwatch tournament scene gets going again, we have every reason to believe that our team will be competitive in both national and international tournaments.”

The organization began restructuring in early August due to poor performance by the former squad. Despite earning a few decent placements in small events, Helsinki Reds have yet to place significantly in larger events.

Many Overwatch teams have dropped out of the game recently, citing uncertainty regarding the upcoming Overwatch League. With a pricey buy-in of $20 million, the Overwatch League just isn’t a feasible opportunity for many smaller organizations. Smaller third-party events will be more manageable for teams outside of the Overwatch League, but the majority of top tier organizations would rather field a team in the main league.

Helsinki Reds will debut the new roster in a tournament “soon,” but did not specify which one the squad will participate in.